Adult Classes 16 yrs and up


              Cardio-kickboxing   Monday 8:00-9:00 p.m.


            Pound                                 Thursday 7:00-8:00 p.m.

                                                                    (except 1st Thursday of the month 8:00)

             Combo Class                     Wednesday 5:15-6:00 a.m

                                                                Saturday 9:00-10:00 a.m


             Zumba                           Wednesday 6:00-7:00 p.m


Jazz/Hip Hop -

                               Jr.  ages 6-8

                                           Monday 4:00-5:00

                              Sr. ages 8-10

                                        Monday 6:00-7:00

Thursday Combo Class

                5:30-6:30 open

No Classes

IF for any reason I need to cancel a class I will let you know.. and offer a credit. However if you miss a class you will not get a credit.

Class Schedule

Advanced class (older group)

     ages 12-16

            Thursday 4:30-5:30

Holiday Closures

September 3rd (Labor Day)

October 8th-12th (Fall Break)

November 20st-23rd (Thanksgiving)

March 25th-29th (Spring Break)

All Boys Hip Hop-

                           ages 6 and up

                                       Wednesday 3:15-4:15


                                Jr. ages 6-8

                                        Monday 5:00-6:00


                              Sr. ages 8 and Up

                                        Monday 7:00-8:00

Ballet & Jazz

                       Tuesday 4:00-5:00

Tap/ Ballet Combo

                          Wednesday 4:00-5:00

Please look at the schedule and let me know what classes you are interested in.

If you have any questions please let me know

*** If there is a class that you are interested in and the day does not work..           

let me know and we may be able to change it.

****Depending on availability, classes may change or be canceled

Family discount is available

Little Dancers-

                          ages 3-5 (must be potty trained)

                                      Tuesday 3-4 or Friday 5:00-6:00


Danc'in  Up Studio


205 w State Street Albany, Indiana 47320


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Danc’in Up Spring Registration

205 w State street in Albany


Open studio Jan. 20th 6:30-7:30

Classes will start February 3rd -May 21st

All classes $40.00 a month, each add on is $10.00 Becca 801-726-9505


Ages 3-5

Movement class- Tuesday 3-4 or Friday 5-6


Ages 6-8

Jr. Jazz/Hip Hop Monday 4-5

Jr. Cheer & Tumbling Monday 5-6


Ages 8-11

Sr. Jazz Hip Hop Monday 6-7

Sr. Jazz Cheer & Tumbling 7-8


Combo Tap & Ballet Wednesday 4:15-5:15 (If your child wants to do one and not the other please let me know)

Combo Ballet & Jazz Tuesday 4-5 (If your child wants to do one and not the other please let me know)


Boys Hip Hop

Wednesday 3:15-4:15


Ages 12-16 (“Advanced” is an older age) beginners welcome

Adv. Jazz/Hip Hop/Lyrical Thursday 4:30-5:30


Kids- kickboxing and Pound TBD (please mention if interested)


Student ___________________________________________      DOB ___________________________________

School attending____________________________________ grade ____________________________________

Parent/Guardian _____________________________ Address _________________________________________

Cell Phone _______________________Text Y/N

Must have an e-mail____________________________

Emergency Contact name______________________ number ________________

Medical problems, allergies, anything I would need to know_________________________________________________________________________________________

Prior Dance Training_________________________________________________


T-shirt size ______________


I/We, the parents or guardian of the above child, hereby gives my our approval to his/her participation in dance activities. Including transportation to and from practices and recital. I/We know that participation in dance may result in serious injuries. I/We do hereby, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the Simpleton Properties, Rebecca Condie, Danc’in Up LLC. The organizers, sponsors, supervisors, participants, and other persons for any claim arising out of injury to my/our child


_________________________________________- Date __________________