Hello,  I am Becca Condie, the owner of Dancin Up Studios. I started when I was 3, danced all through school, made it on drill team  for 3 yrs then received a dance scholarship to Snow College. I then was able to start teaching ages 3 yrs- up to high-school kids. Coached and choreographed  private lessons, competition routines and solo competition routines. I always wanted to have a studio to call my own.


   We Moved our family from out West to Albany in the fall of 2014. I  volunteer my time at the local elementary teaching a cheer squad, during the basketball season.

     I was able to follow my dream when we moved her. I started teaching dance at the community center in Dunkirk in 2015. Found a building and moved to my new place in Albany in 2016, and have enjoyed every minute of it. We dance for the local nursing homes and take part in the Albany Halloween Parade. We continue to grow and add new friendships along the way.

I am so grateful for all the kids that I have had. Grateful to the parents, for giving their child this opportunity to grow and have self confidence. I know that if it was not for you, I would not be able to be doing what I love.

Dance is my passion, my family and children are my life. I am blessed to able able to have both worlds  in my life.

Danc'in  Up Studio


205 w State Street Albany, Indiana 47320



Attendance- Good attendance will lead to success in everything we do. To have a successful show attendance is essential in your dancer’s progress.

Payment - Tuition is payable monthly, in advance, and due on the 1st of each month.  Payments received after the 10th will be charged a $5 late fee. All fees are non-refundable. Please make all checks to Dancin Up or Rebecca Condie. Tuition remains the same throughout all months regardless of holidays, class cancellations or missed classes. There will be a $20.00 return check fee

Dress Code- Please have dancers hair pulled up and out of face as much as possible. No gum, water only. I need to see the dancers bodies to help with alignment and placement so please no baggy clothes.

I do have a room that parents, grandparents can go and sit while your dancer is dancing. otherwise I would like for you to drop off and pick up. If you have family that is visiting you may come the last 15 mins of class and watch.